California Psychological Inventory 260® (CPI 260®


The CPI 260® assessment is derived from the full 434-item California Psychological Inventory™ instrument. The attributes of the CPI 260 instrument come from the language of everyday life, more specifically from what may be called “folk concepts” (Gough & Bradley, 2005). A folk concept is a construct about personality that all people everywhere use to comprehend their behavior and the behavior of others.


By describing individuals in the way others see them, the CPI 260®assessment illustrates a range of personal and work-related characteristics, motivations, and thinking styles—as well as different ways people manage themselves and deal with others.

Built on 50-plus years of exceptional history, validity, and reliability, the California Psychological Inventory™ (CPI™) assessment is a powerful leadership development and selection tool that helps individuals and leaders improve their performance (CPP website, 2010).


CPI 260 ® is a registered trademarks of CPP.