Founder Biography


Stephen Santore

Stephen Santore is president and founder of EXCELPATHTM, with focus on the career choice and change options of clients from high school age to seasoned professionals, using primarily the MBTI®, the Strong Interest Inventory® and the Kerwin Values Survey®. Stephen began his practice of career choice and change during his over ten years serving as the managing partner of a regional executive search firm in southern California. His work with thousands of professionals, from senior executives to junior candidates, led to a deep understanding of the critical need for a satisfying career path. He created and implemented the Career CompassTM program for identifying and combining psychological type information, work interests, work values, strengths, skills, knowledge and abilities for individuals and groups interested in career choice and change. Stephen provides workshops and presents the topics of psychological type to organizations such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers of San Diego, The Boys and Girls Club, Beginning Experience and Grossmont College.

Stephen also works with GS Consultants as an online certification instructor for educators and student support services professionals who work in K-12 and college/university settings, as well as self-employed licensed or certified career or college counselors and coaches. The programs certify new users to purchase, administer, and interpret the MBTI® instrument and The Strong Interest Inventory®. Separate online instruction also includes a basic overview and career development applications for the MBTI® Step II™ and a Type and Career Development workshop.

Mr. Santore began his college education at Haverford College in Haverford, Pennsylvania. After deciding to major in the visual arts, he transferred to Rhode Island School of Design and was graduated with a BFA in Illustration, including significant course work in Industrial and Product Design. He has executed illustration work for BBDO, NWAyer and Chiat/Day, has designed product for Disney, Lenox and Waterford, is an award winning artist and photographer, and continues to rejuvenate his mind and soul as an avid painter.

Currently, Stephen is a member of APTi (The Association for Psychological Type International). He has served as past president of the San Diego Chapter of the Association for Psychological Type (SANDAPT) and serves on the board. For many years, Stephen was a member of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, where he served as the chair of the Armed Services Committee, the Society of Human Resources Management, the San Diego Society of Human Resources Management and the North County Philanthropy Council.