Kerwin Values Survey® (KVS®)  

“Happiness is that state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of one's values."  -Ayn Rand 


The Kerwin Values Survey® (KVS) was developed by Patrick L. Kerwin, MBA, NCC. In addition to being a National Certified Counselor, Patrick is a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Master Practitioner and has been working successfully for nearly 20 years specializing in organizational development and training, workshop design and delivery, and career development.
During this time, he has observed that most values assessments focus primarily on what is most important to someone (no doubt, an important consideration), but this is not enough on its own. He realized that, for work to be satisfying, an individual needs to avoid what is NOT wanted.


The Kerwin Values Survey (KVS) can help all individuals who are choosing first careers, in career transition or want to re-evaluate their present careers.

The survey identifies what you must have in your work, would like to have in your work, and also what you most want to avoid in your work. These three levels of analysis help individuals more accurately evaluate their work and career alternatives, and make better and more informed decisions as a result.

KVS is outstanding as a values assessment getting to the heart of the “5 P’s”:

Purpose – why you work
Process – how you do your work
People – the people you work with
Payback – what you get back from your work
Place – where you work

Administration and Interpretation

The Kerwin Values Survey® can be taken easily online. A 60-90 minute meeting with the practitioner is recommended for best results.

Kerwin Values Survey & KVS are registered trademarks of Kerwin & Associates.