MBTI® and Strong Interest Inventory®

The Basics

The MBTI® and Strong Interest Inventory® assessments are, individually, robust and statistically proven instruments for learning a great deal about oneself and one's preferences and interests. Both have been studied and continually improved over six decades. Combined, these two instruments can provide a rich understanding of who you are and the type of work and work environment you will be most interested in pursuing.

Each assessment should be taken separately, using a certified professional to administer the assessment and to assist in the interpretation of the results, leading to an accurate self assessment. You can then work with your professional combining the results of each assessment. This is usually a marvelously rewarding experience.


The MBTI® instrument is designed to help you understand your unique personality and the way that you relate to others around you. For instance, how do you receive your energy: Do you prefer Extraversion (spelled with an ‘a’ purposely) or Introversion? How do you take in information: Do you prefer using your five senses, or do you prefer intuition? These differences in psychological preferences, and more, work together dynamically to help make you the individual that you are.

The Strong Interest Inventory ®

The Strong® rests upon the theory that individuals are more satisfied and productive when they pursue work and careers that are of high interest to them and correspond to the interests of thousands of people whose interests are similar to their own and are happily working in their fields. The assessment assists in the measurement of your interests in a wide and deep range of career and work options, career and work activities, work environments, hobbies and leisure activities.

Combining the MBTI® and Strong®

Combining an understanding of your unique personality (MBTI®) and your work, hobby and leisure activity options (Strong®) will provide you with an exponentially deeper understanding of who you are and where you want to go. No human being is boxed into a corner. You can be whoever you want to be. These assessments will help give you clarity, enabling decisions that will help to provide you with life long satisfaction and happiness, inclusive of developing strategies for career development and ways of altering your existing work environment, if already in the work force, to make it more satisfying.

Administration and Interpretation

The MBTI® and the Strong® can be taken easily online. Each assessment takes approximately 30 minutes. It is best to work with a Master MBTI® Practitioner and a certified Strong® Practitioner, certified to administer and interpret the results of each assessment. A separate 60-90 minute meeting with the practitioner is recommended for each assessment. A final 60-90 minute meeting is necessary to effectively and productively combine the results.

Workshops for a group or team are quite productive and valuable.

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