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I've encountered many people who have a desire to enter the career coaching and team building space as a profession. For many, it's not the right fit -- but for Stephen, it's not only the right fit, it's the perfect fit. Stephen has a unique set of gifts, talents, and experience that make him unique in the field. His gifts of creativity and genuine caring provide the foundation for providing insight. His talents in using assessments provide the tools and framework needed to gain clarity and language for understanding one's self and others. And his experience in placement, as well as in navigating organizations and his own career, are critical in offering an overlay of real-world application to the work he does. Stephen is truly a natural at helping people in exploring who they are, identifying the gifts they have to offer, and pursuing work that honors both."

Patrick L. Kerwin, MBA, NCC
MBTI® Master Practitioner
Kerwin & Associates

There is a gap in the career development field between career 'counselors' and career 'coaches'. Stephen bridges that gap. He combines practical business experience with excellent credentials, training, and a natural connection with others. Stephen is one of the few career management consultants to whom I refer clients without hesitation."

Judith Grutter, M.S., NCC, MCC
Former Director of Training, GS Consultants
Approved provider of MBTI® and
Strong Interest Inventory® Certification Training, and
MBTI® Master Practitioner Credential continuing education

I would recommend Stephen Santore’s services to any individual who is looking for direction, advice or guidance in their life. Stephen has helped me both personally and professionally in so many ways. I’m a 26 year old whose professional life was chaotic and unfocused. That’s when Stephen was recommended to me. I met with him a handful of times and his insights have not only helped me find direction, but he has made a lasting difference in my life by unearthing possibilities and interests that I might not have realized on my own. He goes beyond simply helping you find the right career to helping you achieve a rewarding balance in your professional and personal life.

Jordan Lemick 
Communications Director at
Cy Fredrics Inc. / Buzz S.C.

I had the pleasure to meet Stephen during a presentation on the Myers-Briggs Type-Indicator (MBTI) for the San Diego IEEE Consultants Network. I was intrigued by his academic approach and scientific application of this instrument for his business as an executive recruiter. Stephen's excellent presentation triggered my curiosity to find out what four-letter type I would be.

After some initial research on the Internet I decided to contact Stephen for an consultation and the administration of the MBTI. Stephen sent me the link to the MBTI on-line questionnaire and a couple of days later we met at his office for the interpretation. To summarize it, it was an outstanding experience beyond what I would have ever expected.

Stephen first went over the four dimensions of the instrument, explaining each one of them to me and then letting me decide where I would position myself for each of them. That was my self-estimate or the "first hypothesis". Then Stephen presented the "second hypothesis", the results from the MBTI questionnaire, to me. I was blown away that not just the four letter code matched but how close the "preference clarity index" of my self-estimate compared to the instrument's results were.

Overall, Stephen spent two hours with me and it was worth every minute to me. While listening to Stephen explaining the characteristics of my type in detail I grew more and more amazed how precisely it described my personality. So much for "soft sciences". It changed my "hardcore" engineer's view of psychology. If you ever think of administering the MBTI to yourself, go to Stephen. He is a true expert and professional. And you leave his office knowing much more about yourself."

Rudolph Streif
Program Manager

Verimatrix Inc.

The assessment tools used by Stephen provide invaluable insight into a person’s basic character.  This insight will allow anyone, whether a high school student just beginning to explore educational and career options, or a seasoned professional looking for ways to revitalize a career, to make more reasoned and intelligent life decisions.  More reasoned and intelligent decisions will result in greater satisfaction and fulfillment in whatever path is chosen.  Stephen’s knowledge of these tools, his enthusiasm for his work, and his ability to provide focused commentary, are unparalleled.”

Richard R. Rice
Principal and Founder

Law Offices of Richard R. Rice


Stephen is a Master Practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment. He recently interpreted my assessment results. He provided an excellent service and the information he gave me has proven to be valuable at both work and home. Most of all, you'll find that Stephen is warm, very insightful and is an expert in his field.”


Connie Burke

Director of Philanthropy

Neighborhood Healthcare



"In all honesty, going through the MBTI and other testing we did, together, was extremely valuable to me. I am 58 and I learned things about myself that made sense for the first time in my life. Can you understand that? Somehow, knowing what “I am” gave me a sense of self esteem or self approval..."

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Company President